1. Everytime

From the recording Down These Streets


I tried talking to you just the other day,
but every time I'd find I didn't know what to say.
Longing for a reason why I can not speak my mind;
Seems every time I'm close to you I get this chill run down my spine.

So I wrote some words, tried a couple rhymes,
but nothing seemed to work; I'd forget my lines.
But then I started talking unsure of all that I might say,
but every time I found some words you would talk right back to me.

I found my nerves; I found my breath;
'cause in your response I feel at rest.
But even though we’re talking I never tell you how I feel;
seems every time I’m close to you my heart just don’t know how to deal.

Deal with your grace
With your warmth
With your touch
Deal with your touch

(Cause) it’s your touch (love)
It’s your touch (love)

That keeps me talking
That keeps me talking

It’s your love

It's your touch, Your touch,

It's love.