1. Long Walk Home

From the recording Down These Streets


A Poem to Accompany the Tune:

Sometimes its as solid as rock because you've touched Him, seen Him, or heard Him.
Sometimes it's uplifted by a vision or miracle, an answer to prayer,
like wind cradling the wings of an eagle.
Sometimes its dragging through the dirt trying to stand up and the horse of a world won't heed the reigns.
Most times its a Word once read, in need of constant remembering, like it was born to the world to be forgotten.
Always its a journey that takes its shape from the hearts God created, aiming for one destination or another where the path is either narrow or wide.
Never are there shortcuts, though some are quicker to follow.
Never are there dead ends, though some seem lost or searching.

It's a long walk
where we made our beginning on another's path and set foot on our own;
where we trespass on others and walk alongside a few;
where we don't ask for directions, exchange some poor ones, or find the map to lead us onward;
where we come to a fork, our will, and a decision;
where we choose to walk home or we don't.

I pray you come home.