From the recording Down These Streets


Life is a journey
from first breath to last
It’s taking the journey that counts
and You dear Lord Jesus
have shown us the way
to Journey thru life glory bound

And oh… I love You,
Only thru You am I saved
I lift up my voice
unto the Lord to give praise
I’ll carry the cross all my days

As Jesus was dying
above on the cross
the soldiers did mock and cast lots
dividing His raiment
among those who played
fulfilling the words of the prophets

Yet oh… still He loved them,
so He had to die to save them from sin
God sent Him to save us
and now that it’s done
Carry the cross of His Son

So listen dear traveler
and heed what I say
believe in the Word and be free
The Lord said to all
you must deny yourself
Pick up your cross follow me

But oh… do you love Him,
you must or you’ll end with the grave
He gave His body and His blood
Gave all he could give
Carry the cross and you’ll live.